The Tale of Three Monsters

Once, there lived three slimy monsters.
Each lived in a slimy pit and had two slimy tentacles.
Unfortunately these monsters did not like each other, not one bit! next
Little did they know they were more alike then they realized. next
Move the monsters around and see what happens!
Spin to start
a fight!
The monsters fought and fought! next
And then they stopped... next
"Why are we fighting "
one asked. next
"I am not sure "
the other replied. next
Seeing no reason to fight, both slowly backed into their own slimey pits.
After all the fighting the monsters noticed something
It was odd but interesting! next
They each wanted those new slimey pits for themselves! next
Move a monster to a new slime pit!
One monster came across a slimey pit directly across from his own. next
"This is so nice! I think I’ll take it with me." next
But the other two monsters cried out, "Leave it alone, it's so nal·gous to us." next
But it's so com·ple·men·ta·ry me! Look across from you, there is slime for you too." next
The two other monsters gazed across and spotted their own com·ple·men·ta·ry slime. next
They whispered quietly then finally said, "Fine! HOWEVER," next
"we EACH take a little from our own com·ple·men·ta·ry slime pits!" next
The monsters agreed taking a small amount and slithered back to their pits.
"I love this new slimey pit, it feels so connected to me!" next
"No! Tentacles off! It’s sliminess is so nal·gous too me!" next
This made the third monster yell out "What's going on over there " next
"You both stay away from my nal·gous pit over here!" next
What could they do! Finally one said, next
"Lets all take a little slime together, from each pit that is NEXT to us." next
They all thought for a moment then said, "very well! But only a little!" next
Each monster took the smallest amount and slithered back to their pits
At last, all the monsters had a little bit of each new slimey pit! next
Each monster was very happy but, they still did not like each other! next
Finally the Blue monster cried out, "I propose a truce!" next
The other monsters asked, "what do you propose " next
"Lets form an alliance! A Tri·ad·ic Party of Slimey Monsters!" next
All the monsters loved the idea! They cried, "together we are strongest!" next
From then on the monsters stood out for a very long time. next

The End

Stop! Too Bright!
Stop! Too Bright!
Stop! Too Bright!